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You can find lots of proxy's via search engines pretty simple way.

Its much more better than most proxyleecher programs, simple because always UP TO DATE  (if google works)

searching..... last 24 hours posted topics in google including  pastebin pastes, forums, blogs anything possibly .
few mins and results you see.
[Image: qt2M5MX.png]

Pretty simple to use just pick search engine mostly Google

- [Smart Loop] if checked meaning Proxyfire automatically add new keywords while searching....

- Some tricks can be added in Engine settings few example below.

- keywords you can use simple like below use some fresh blog proxy site or working ones and replace 10 -20 proxys enough find lots of more.

those are just sample proxies,  but similar way add u fresh proxies working ones.  google find

some might have probleM in original google search not work?

Here is my modded and working Google psearch.ini 


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this is very useful, thanks w00f

Edit: sorry for the stupid question but how you can find this part "ei=0FqXVtzXIYumjwOptqjoAQ" ???

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