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Franco, i'm new here

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  • i found the forum/site after doing and couple of search on Google, about how to crack accounts with the  sentry mba software
  • i want to join this site in order to learn more about cracking accounts and help other as well. i also want to master the art of making efficient sentry mba configs and have access to the newest cracking tools. since from the looks of things, this sites seems to pop up over and over again after every Google search
  • I''m here to learn and contribute my quota to help others by being there for them as and when the need arises. I also want t extend my  hacking knowledge and I have the feeling this is the right place to gain such knowledge
  • Account cracking with sentry mba, generating combos from sqli. Making configs (proxy-less,API and fast ones )
  • Freebies (accounts and sentry mba configs/combos), gaming and shopping dorks and also fresh elite proxies as and when i scrap them.
  • ( forum)
  • I'm very happy to be on the verge of being part of this big great family and to meet seasoned hackers and crackers. :) cheers!. I'm hoping ,my application is going to be considered. Thank you!


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