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How to use Uber?

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What is Uber?

Uber is a San Francisco-based company, founded in 2009. It describes itself as a "pick-up" service that connects passengers with vetted private drivers (although how 'vetted' the drivers are is a cause of some consternation). Uber's app is backed by Google, integrated into Google Maps, and available on the major smartphone platforms. It allows customers to order taxis through their smartphone based on their location. They can see who their driver will be, and then track the arrival of their car.

Uber differs from other taxi- or private hire firms in that it simply puts together drivers and customers based on their location and requirements. Fares are set by the user's smartphone tracking their start- and finish location, and the time the journey takes. This according to a set price list set centrally by Uber, and visible to the user before the journey begins. Other advantages include the fact that the user pays via the app, so no cash is required.

Finally, if you and another Uber user wish to make a similar journey at a similar time, you can share the journey and split the cost, without having to go through the social awkwardness of actually conversing with another human and working out the cost. See also: What is the Dark Web?


Where can I use Uber?

Uber operates in 53 countries. In the UK it is available in Leeds, London and Manchester. You can also pick up an Uber cab in Dublin.

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