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FTGC: Fuck Typing, Get Capture - Account Info Scraper by Djlatino

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This is completely written in python - meaning, you need to install at least Python 2.7 to have this working. I will NOT provide support on how to get python working on your Windows machine. Watch a fucking youtube video or try this link:


The script is pretty basic and has a couple key features but the main goal of this script is to do the following for you:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to page with subscription info
  3. Grab info and place in txt file
  4. Log out and do it again

That way, you don't have to type in, click, or copy and paste anything yourself. It supports id:pass combos, and nothing else.


1. ChromeDriver - https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/chromedriver/downloads

2. Google Chrome - Firefox works too and it's not very hard to edit this script, but I won't have a Firefox one avail for public


pip install selenium
pip install time

Enter the above to install in your command line.

4. A brain - Some of this requires logical thinking to create your own "config" per say. I made it as dummy proof as possible, but you do need to put initial work first.

How to use:

At the beginning of the script, you have a couple things to fill in:

  • shitstain: Direct path to your accounts.txt file
  • shitstaincleaned: Direct path to your results.txt file
  • xpathofcapture: XPath of where your info is shown
  • xpathofcapturealt: XPath of where alternative info is shown/Secondary info/Place holder info
  • loginpage: Login page link
  • usernameid: XPath of username text box
  • passwordid: XPath of password text box
  • chromedriverpath: Direct path to chromedriver
  • captchawait: If you need time to solve a captcha - Once captcha is done, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. - Currently only supporting recaptcha2.
  • generalwait: This can be left alone, but generally, if a site takes too long to load, or you have shitty internet, you're going to need between 20-30 wait time.
  • stupidpornpopupsxpath: Only uncomment this if you always have a popup when logging in. Useful for those "Enter Here if 18+" popups. 

Lots of shit to set, I know. But once done, you can save the file as "Cam4 Checker.py" or some shit for your future use.

How to find XPath:


How to run:

For Unix users:

python FTCS.py

For Windows users:

c:/path/to/python.exe FTCS.py

The script is very basic right now, which is why I'm releasing it here first. By no means am I a Python expert, I'm slowly learning to love the language. If anyone has tips on how to improve this script, do tell! If you share it with someone else, I only ask that if they have any questions, they know where to find me!

Future plans

  • Proxy support - Coming very soon!
  • Possible a GUI? Don't see it being needed here though.

If you need it to do anything else tell me.

The results.txt file will contain id:pass - Capture associated

Download here:https://www.sendspace.com/file/6yzoju

Any questions, ask here :D


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1 hour ago, mega_1 said:

@Djlatino this is to much to make a god damn cfg but thanks for you work bro. :thumbsup:

Once you get the hang of it, it's way better than checking 400 hits manually :P

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