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Finally i am back :)

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Hello fellas!

I am not a new member, but I felt like introducing myself again, long time no see! 

Finally I am back at my most loved Forum!  

I was first absent due to a long illness, which is now at least suppressed. And then a miracle happened: I became the father of a sweet child! ;) yeah guys, Porn in real life will have consequences,  but in my case best that could happend!!! When dust settelt  I tryed  to log in again but  my password has not worked anymore. All this cost me my "Power User" status But now I'm finally back for good  :) 

I was never a " big figure" in here but maybe some of you can remember me. 

Startet cracking again yesterday and got my first hits. sorry for the long absence, but I'm promising like back in the days i will be  a active and loyal member again ehich shares his hits! And i hope will get back my "Power User" status back again, sooner or later,  if admins notice i try hard!


At least i am very satisfied now that I have my old account back. 

Thought I already i lost lost you all and are very happy to be with you fellas again, lets have a good time together! :)

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2 hours ago, theaog79 said:

welcome back mate congrats on bambino

Thank you theaog79! Sometmes difficult with my bambino, and often no sleep at all. But i am very proud and thankful for it :)

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Becoming an dad is the best feeling that ever happened to me. Congratz on your new boy!

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22 minutes ago, StrongCore said:


Welcome back mate.

Thanks Mate! 

After i wrote this original post i got locked out of NTG AGAIN  for a couple of month ^^  because of lost email acces and change password  mandatory , but it was  absolutly my fault that i lost acces to the email i registered with! 

So im happy to be  back back again ^^

And i am finaly decided to get into shady bastard and i can only recommend everyone too get SB or RR to t

It is absolutely worth it!



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